Friday, October 3, 2014

Relaxation to Manage Stress

In my health psychology class, we're learning about stress and different ways to manage stress. Everyone has some type of stress in their lives so this is a great topic to be learning about since it's so relevant in our daily lives. Our prof decided to do a relaxation exercise in class yesterday, with deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, and imagery. She started off by turning off the lights and having everyone take multiple deep breaths to steady our breathing. Then we went through different muscle groups, first tensing then gradually relaxing the muscle, from our foreheads to our feet. Finally, she had everyone picture their version of a relaxation setting and imagine themselves being there. Even in the ten minutes it took to go through this exercise, I could feel myself become more calm. I'm starting to think maybe I should start taking up some kind of meditation - maybe I wouldn't be so stressed all the time! Afterwards, the lecture resumed and we learned about other relaxation techniques such as chanting a phrase, or biofeedback which trains your muscles to relax. Although I just took this course as an elective and I thought it would be an easy A, I'm actually quite enjoying it. I feel like I'm learning valuable things that I can actually apply to my life to become a healthier person. 

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